Turning PointThis program is a coaching effort designed to help an employee save their job and regain their effectiveness. Also called “last chance” in some corporate settings, the value it provides to organizations is twofold:

1) It saves the company considerable expense in having to recruit and train a replacement, and

2) It demonstrates the willingness of the organization to go the second mile in its efforts to help an employee retain their place in the company.

Combining the best assessments possible and experienced coaching, these programs have lasting effects on personnel as well as company morale. From one participant:

John is a wealth of knowledge. His professional training is a guided, self-discovery process. During the course of the program, I was able to identify areas of my personal attributes that affect my professional career and business interactions. Through discussions with John, we were able to find ways to turn these attributes into strengths. Additionally, John was able to help identify some areas of weakness, which as a team, we were able to work on to improve. John’s program gave me guidance to help further my career as well as increase my personal aspirations.

Leadership Lessons with Mustangs:  Equine-Assisted Learning  — John will facilitate with your team a 3-hour event combining some of the best human leadership assessments available and  adopted mustangs to deliver more than a class or seminar.  What transpires is an outdoor experience in trust, anxiety, teamwork, and leadership. Online individual coaching is offered prior to the morning at the Ridge, followed by a morning group session onsite with John and the mustangs, and ending with a catered lunch.


Free and fee-based assessments, ranging from the best spiritual gifts inventory available to corporate level packages in EQ, behaviors and motivators, provide some of the best tools for spiritual direction and personal development available. Click here to see our menu of Assessments.


Team 4031 — A collaborative impact effort that influences a whole community. Pulling together best practices in mentoring and collaborative impact, the demographic focus is young people. Drawing on the non-profits in a city, city officials, law enforcement, and volunteers , the end result is that many young peoples’ lives are changed in a lasting way. Here is an excerpt of the final report John submitted to the chief agent for the FBI in Mississippi following his work in Clarksdale, MS:

Outcomes: 1) A very high level of interest and participation is being experienced in this mentoring program, which will go to its 2nd phase this month (August 2017). 2) A start-up business was begun in Clarksdale in May of 2017 specifically because of the success encountered with Bridging the Gap, and is employing only young people who are involved in the program. 3) Other students have found part-time employment this summer. 4) The Walton Family Foundation recently awarded a grant totaling $525,000 over two years (including in-kind contributions) to the city of Clarksdale in which the mentoring program is included. Its mission will be to give area youth experience with a job, training in personal money management and employment searches, and further exposure/networking into opportunities.


MILE 411 — A proven, field-tested learning incubator for rapid change in a church. As short as one day in-person, one week online, or two years in transitional ministry. Consider these testimonials:

Where do I start explaining the impact that John Garrott has made on our congregation? I guess it is best if I begin with the condition of FUMC Corinth in 2020: After suffering from the aftermath of a fire 4 years earlier, declining church attendance and the onset of COVID, our church wrestled with the decision of closing its doors or moving to a new location. A letter of agreement was signed by Bill Odom, PPR Chair, and John Garrott in late 2020 to bring John on board to help restore order and provide direction for our church. He reached out to the entire church, laying out the options we had and with the support of the congregation, he began implementing a process that would transform us from a clergy-based ministry to a laity-led, Scripture-based ministry. He helped identify and develop the spiritual gifts of our clergy and congregation, laying the foundation of First Methodist Church of Corinth. We are now at a new location, in a newly remodeled church facility and experiencing growth and development that is nothing short of amazing. Thank you, John Garrott, for your help in transforming our church into a ministry of service that will share God’s love and compassion with the world for years to come.

— Joe Oliver, Admin. Board Chair
First Methodist Church, Corinth, MS

When John arrived at Mineral Wells there were more problems than solutions. We had lost our minister of 14 years and the congregation was questioning why we should even continue as a church. John was very direct and honest about our position and called on each of the members to think about why we were a church. We began to understand we were not defined by our minister that was transferred but instead we had a purpose to God.

John’s ability to solidify a congregation was next tested by COVID, and then by unforeseen staffing changes that were required. However, soon the membership started coming back to the church and after three years of enormous uncertainty Mineral Well is now back growing and trying to become a church that will be both a benefit to our community and to our purpose to God. John moved on to rescue another church, but we all believe that he was the glue that was needed to hold our church together during one of the most turbulent times in our history.

— Phillip Dean, Chairman of Pastor-Parish Relations Committee
Mineral Wells United Methodist Church, Olive Branch, MS

Click here to see a 90-second video on Mile 411.

Change is Possible.